Monday, March 3, 2008

Website - support the fight against autism

Hi - I received this email that I thought I'd share:
I wanted to share with you an adorable tee-shirt line, StinkyKids, with a fantastic motto: Always be a Leader of Good, which is supporting the fight against autism for March and April.

My friend, Britt, started the line 2 years ago and immediately began with donating 15% of all proceeds to a DC-area NGO which supports the fight against cancer.

With 10 characters in all (Asian-American, African-American and Caucasian), Britt has committed to donating 15% of March and April's online sales to an Atlanta-area autistic boy, Foster, for the Georgia Walk for Autism (which will ultimately go to Autism Speaks). The kids (above) are all based on real people/kids and have their own story of friendship.

If you're interested in helping to support this cause (autism affects 1 in 150 people!!!), go to:
and upon checkout, enter the code: FOSTER.

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