Monday, February 25, 2008

The Crappy Oscars

Was it just me or did the Oscars totally suck last night? I don't even know where to start. I never saw a group of Hollywood stars who collectively looked so shitty as a group. I didn't see one dress that i liked (actually I liked Jennifer Hudson's white dress but it looked beyond dreadful on her- Nice Uniboob)I know they weren't sure if it was going to go on because of the writers strike but you would think that a month in advance is enough time to make sure you look put together. Clearly they need a whole year to start planing their outfits. And I missed all the funny skits. I love John Stewart but he really wasn't as funny as Ellen was last year. And the movies even sucked. I saw No Country for Old Men. Was it really that good? Maybe I missed something. And maybe Daniel Day Lewis did deserve best actor. I didn't see his movie. But he knows everytime he makes a movie it is going to win an Oscar so you would think he might want to wear a normal tuxedo with some BLACK shoes. Newsflash. You're going to have your picture taken ALOT. You might not want to be wearing brown hush puppies and maybe you should tell your mom-i mean wife- to take off the black and white checkered shoes and lose the red pointsettas on her shoulders. Nicole Kidman's lips are a horror. Rennee Zellweggers eyes don't open anymore. Cameron Diaz was pink and sunburned. Ellen Page's dress was like a 70's prom dress. Oh and Tilda Swinton. Where are her eyelashes? Some mascara please-this is the Oscars. I know this all may sound very harsh but I feel strongly that it is a job requirement to look impeccable at these type of events. If someone wants to wear army pants and a tank top while getting their photo taken by Us Weeekly I can dig it. You are off duty. But the Oscars is part of your job that you get paid millions to do. Look the part. That said I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

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Julie L said...

Hi - I have been meaning to respond to this, it makes me crack up every time i read it. I did think that girl from Felicity the show looked pretty and i liked her dress. whats her name again? Myley Cyrus makes goofy pouts for the camera. (Was she there? Or am i confusing two awards shows?) and daniel day lewis - he actually takes time off from making movies and winning oscars to be a cobbler, he makes shoes! probably those brown hush puppys you saw. he claims that his real passion! what?? buddy, give me your money and i will surely come up with a better hobby for you. i did see his movie and frankly it was just bizarre. he was phenomenal in it, but the movie itself was strange.