Thursday, February 21, 2008

The 12 Steps of Veganism

For those of you who I have not spoken to in a while, Patrick and I have some news. We have stopped eating meat and dairy. Patrick has 52 days but I fell off the wagon this past Sunday and am now back at 5 days. I was visiting with my sister who was preparing broccoli with cheese sauce for her kids. Being the ever helpful sister and wanting to lend a hand I said I would make the cheese sauce. As I was stirring my creamy white beschamel sauce, I started mindlessly popping fingerfuls of the freshly grated cheddar cheese right into my mouth. It was only when I was about to put the third handful into my mouth that I remembered that cheese is off limits to me. It was such a sad thought that I might never eat cheese again. Never have a quesadilla or a grilled cheese. Never have parmesian sprinkled on my pizza. I started to think what is the big deal. Why am I doing this anyway? (I will not bore you with my newfound interest in the why part) It is so easy to stay away from those foods when we are in the safety of our own home. There is no temptation because we have an arsenal of other things to choose from. But what about when we want to socialize with other people? So I have begun to think of this like a sort of 12 step program. Not so much that I think I have harmed others with my meat and cheese eating, but more about the part that I have to take it one day at a time. It's far too big to say that I might never have mac and cheese again for the rest of my life, but if I decide that I am not going to have mac and cheese TODAY it is much more manageable.Now if only I could apply the same theory to working out.

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Julie L said...

I think that is the perfect solution. I, for one, am a huge fan of 12 step programs and think everyone on this planet would do well to apply a 12 step thought process to most aspects of life. But that is a whole other subject...vegan is hard so one day at a time is perfect. you might decide vegetarian is more suitable or you might never ever go back to cheese etc. My to do list at work today is so long (way too long for a part time person) that I am fine tuning my 12 step mentality to one hour at a time and whatever I get done, I get done. And everything else either waits or if it's that important someone else who gets paid more than i do to work harder can help :) This new zen approach to life will surely at the very least spare me a few wrinkles.