Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hi everyone! First Julie---thanks for organizing this! It is such a great idea! I have two things to post! First, I found a book called The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine. It is all about simple strategies for getting healthier food in our kids meals! Curran is so picky! I had him eating mac and cheese w/ cauliflower in it! It was fantastic! I couldn't help but giggle to myself when he kept asking for more!! It seems like the same concept as Kristen's book! Sorry to repeat!
Next, for all you mom's w/ little girls.....last night, we brought Morgan to American Girl Place and then to dinner at their Cafe. I thought it was going to a nightmare! We were so pleasantly surprised! First, Megan came and her outfit matched the decor! It was great! Thanks Meg! Next, the food was delicious! They had all diet choices---gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc! Also, bottomless glasses of pink lemonade! The staff was so friendly! lastly, Morgan and her doll-Lucy had a great time! She felt like such a grown up lady! It was such a positive experience for her! I can't wait to bring both Audrey and Morgan! Oh yeah, the price was right too---$32pp w a goody bag. I think it would be good for girls 3 and over.

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Julie L said...

Hi Tar! It is my pleasure, I had fun figuring this out...I cannot wait until Chloe is a little older so we can do this stuff together!