Sunday, December 16, 2007

book list

hey girls!
i am reading a book right now that is pretty interesting....Into the Wild. It is a quick easy read and very thought provoking.
Also if anyone is interested in yoga.....the new studio in Avon is really good. I don't go Dean does...says he loves the schedule, the classes and the instructors!


Julie L said...

Hi! The studio in Avon is danny healys sisters, Annie. she is a sweetheart!
I also read Into the Wild and liked it, I also read Into Thin Air (same author) and that was good too. I do remember really not liking the character in Into the Wild but still liked the book!

tara said...

I can't decide what i think of the main character! i loved his sense adventure and his high ideals! However, he was so immature and selfish! Especially as a parent, I would die if one of our kids took off like that!! Couldn't he just as easily been hippie w/ his patagonia camping gear,cell phone and his saab camping somewhere away from the world he was trying to escape?

Julie L said...

that was my issue - I kept thinking "I would like to spank this little brat!" easy for him to be so righteous, give up all the cushy stuff and the $$ and see if he still wants to be a hippy.