Thursday, December 13, 2007

book lists

I can't think of all my favorite books right now so i will update you as i do.....
1. mutant message own under
2.a prayer for owen meany
3. is there really a human race by jamie lee's a children's book but a great message for kids and adults. santa is bringing it to our tree.
4. 100 hundred dresses...another children's book but the kids loved and it has a great message for kids and adults.

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Julie L said...

Tara, it's working! i have been trying to remember the name of Mutant Message Down Under for a REALLY long time! but to ask "has anyone read a book about a walk about in the outback, it is where i learned the definition of Billabong (aborigine word for a pool of water)" - i really didnt think anyone would know what i was talking about...thanks!