Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Love Christopher Kimball

For those of you who don't know who Christopher Kimball is I will elaborate. He is the editor-in-chief of Cooks Illustrated Magazine as well as a new magazine called Cooks Country. He created the cooking show America's Test Kitchens and has a whole bunch of cookbooks too. Anyway I just went to hear him speak at the 92nd street Y and he is also very funny. The gang at Cooks Illustrated make their recipes (some new and some that are re-vamped American classics) anywhere from 40 to 140 times until they perfect it. The recipe that we get on either the show, magazine, or a cookbook is their perfected version. I have yet to make a recipe by them that isn't as tasty as they said it would be. They also test the best kitchen equipment and gadgets as well as the best brands of certain foods such as dijon mustard (Rolands), ketchup (Heinz), and mayonaise (Hellman's). I do not work for America's Test Kitchen's or Cook's Illustrated but I have learned so much from them that I thought they deserve my praise. Kudos to their team and one of my idols, Christopher Kimball!


Julie L said...

I love your postings! OK, I am going on Amazon to buy one of their cookbooks, any in particular that stand out?

megan o said...

i just realized that you can click on the comments. I think we are the only ones on here, but I love it. I started with ribs roasts and chops because i am not too good with preparing meat in the oven. Use your meat thermometer like the one you got me for our engagement and you will never overcook a piece of meat again. Then I got 30 minute meals and lite reipes. All are excellent.