Tuesday, May 20, 2008

must miss movies seen on plane

hi girls,
it is my first attempt at a "blog" and i must be honest in saying that i really wasn't even sure what one was until further informed by julie and i read it for the first time. however, the "stream of consciousness" typing rants totally suit me (so hope i don't get annoying)... anyhow, i wanted to share with you a couple of tidbits since i had a couple of minutes this evening. firstly, since all of our time is so precious, spent with kids and other, i wanted to point out 2 must miss and 1 only if you are desperate movies rentals:
"the bucket list" - are you kidding me??? jack should stop letting his ego collect a paycheck and know better than to take these stupid roles. i was able to bare "something has gotta give" and the helen hunt waitress flic (whatever it was called), but this was one bad and he didn't seem to have any real chemistry with good ole morgan. a weak storyline like that atleast needs chemisty...
"p.s i love you"- again, are you kidding me? hilary swank, although an amazing actress is so unappealing as this grieving, 29 year old lost soul that follows a string of staged love letters around to find "closure," the that i almost could not watch. and gerard butler as the match for her? yikes no sparks... although he is hot. the endless cast of cameos and bit parts was also annoying; kathy bates, lisa kudrow, harry connick jr., gina gershon and jeffery deam morgan (aka. denny duchet), all seemed a little grandiose for parts and a plot that did not amount to not much... i am a+ emotion chic and cry at everything, and this one did not move me (and i was bummed)
"27 dresses" - kinda funny and cute storyline, katherine heigl and james marsden cute together, but just overall cute, and kind of predictable, but worthy of rainy saturday night.

lastly, i am debuting my "sugarbaby vintage" line at the westfield art& craft show on june 7th... for those that do not know, i design and handmake a line of vintage baby quilts, as well as pretend play baking aprons with utensils, art smocks and bibs. everything is one-of-a-kind and has a retro flavor, but is interpreted in a modern way. i use mostly vintage fabrics, supplemented by vintage repro fabric... ie. "modern baby, vintage inspiration." so, if anyone is interested in just taking a look or if you need a gift and would like to drop by anytime , please just call or email me. hopefully my website will be up sometime this summer. 974-3581 or heddynols@msn.com

thanks for reading my first "blog," i am off to enjoy the end of american idol.... GO david cooke (i am sorry, archeluta is a beautiful singer, but is that really an "american idol"?) i am petrified that he is going to melt into a puddle after every peformance or maybe i am just a 80's/90's rocker chic at heart and i enjoy a little more grit ???...


megan o said...

Your post was so funny. I will be sure NOT to see those movies. Thanks for the heads up.

Julie L said...

Ha! Great post...I would also SKIP the latest Pacino film, cant even remember the name and we just saw it in the theatre. Disturbing and frankly, stupid. Love Pacino, hate the film. Love Pacino, did I mention that?