Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two and a half Chicken Recipes

Since "Recipes" is in the title of this blog I think it's high time I post one, or two...I actually combined the below two and the dinner got rave reviews by the hubby and in-laws. and me. and the kids.

Beth's Chicken Recipe:
4-6 Cutlets, pounded thin
Boursin cheese spread (Garlic & Herb)
Chicken Stock
Juice of 1 Lemon

Season Chicken w/Salt & Pepper
While chicken is flat, put a mound of Arugala & Boursin in the center.
Roll up & stick w/toothpick
Have a hot saute pan with some olive oil ready.
Sear the chicken, and brown on all sides.
Once the chicken is browned, take them out, and add Chicken stock....
I guess about 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending how many cutlets you had.
Add lemon, put chicken back, cover & cook for about 15 minutes.
Add fresh parsley!
I served mine w/rice & arugala & watercress salad. Yummy...bon app├ętit

Michelle's Chicken Recipe
(wing the amounts. If I can, anyone can):
Cutlets, pounded thin
Sundried tomatos
Olive oil
Fresh Smoked Mozzerela

Throw the sundried tomatoes, and mozz cheese and olive oil in the cuisinart. Puree.
Spread the Puree on the chicken
Roll up and stick with toothpick
Wrap in parchment paper
Bake - assume 350, I forgot to ask

I combined the above two recipes -
My Version:
Followed Michelle's recipe up until the parchment paper...I instead seared in olive oil then removed from pan. Added chicken stock to the pan (as Beth did minus the lemon) and when hot, put the chicken back in, covered and cooked for about 15.
Served with arugala and shaved parm salad with Olive oil/lemon dressing. And sauteed red potatoes
My cooking is inconsistent, pretty good at best and this one was good.


Katie Boemecke said...

Thanks for these great recipes and ideas! I made your version Julie, last night, and added a twist of my own. I added a little spinach to the stuffing in the chicken. Then followed the rest of your recipe. Also,about two minutes before the chicken was finished, I threw the rest of the bag of spinach in with the chicken. I served the spinach on the side with the chicken and some penne w/marinara. It was very good. Thanks!!

Julie L said...

Yum, great idea with the spinach! I'm making again this week and will do that... Another yummy pasta side: De Boles makes a spinach spaghetti style pasta (made with jerusalem artichoke flour rather than white) - it sounds healthy and is but doesnt taste is. You can get at health food stores and some grocery stores...i just mix it with olive oil generously and parm cheese and everyone loves it. if i had fresh basil i would probably throw that in too, it is yummy!