Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Organic Farmers Market in Bradley Beach

Ladies - every Wednesday at least in July, maybe the whole summer, will be an organic local farmers market in the parking lot of Giomanni's (sp? - 301 Main St) restaurant in Bradley Beach. Produce, fish, cheese and maybe more. I'm clearly missing some details, it was in the paper but I missed it, my step mom told me about it. I think it sounds great. Everything you read promotes buying locally even above buying organic. The fuel etc it takes to get the produce here from Chile or FL or wherever is 1) expensive and 2) not enviro friendly. I dont always do this as I have no idea what NJ farmers spray on their crops...and I have not been able to find an organic local market until now. I plan on going tomorrow, will add a comment with feedback!

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megan o said...

This sounds great. Too bad I am up here on Wednesdays. Let me know how it is.