Friday, June 20, 2008

Your latest favorite thing that doesn't break the bank :)

Hi there. I thought this might be a fun post. It's not green nor does it take much thinking :) it's about products. Cosmetics, perfume, hair products etc whatever you feel fits in here. I just know I love when I have a friend that turns me onto something new that might help make me look 10 yrs younger (still haven't found that one product yet so please do share if you have the secret) :) or smell a yummy perfume or oil or even a lipgloss that stays on but, mositurizes..whatever. Also, it even could be something that you found on your own or have been using successfully, loving for years and would never think of switching on. I have a few things I use always but, in the last 6 months I came across 2 things that are now my mixed in with my favorites.
Having 3 boys and one of them being 11 weeks old I'm not sleeping much (oh and add that I'm 40 now) I just look sooo tired. That intro leads me to my latest purchase it's a liquid highlighter that I found at Beauty Plus in Belmar. I had no idea they were even still open and they definitely are and they have some really good stuff now. It's called EMANI Professional - Flex Minerals Liquid Highlighter to be exact. It's a faint shade of pink that you can mix with your moisturizer or your foundation to give your skin a healthy glow. It's not glittery it just looks real and healthy. I always wondered how the stars skin always have that glow and I assumed dermabrasion but, it could be this :). It was about $16 and worth it. So if anyone has something that they want to share please do it's always fun to see what other people love or swear by. :)


Janine said...

my own comment here is i posted only 1 item - had to run because of the baby crying but, will post another in the next day or two-sorry.

megan o said...

I am never without Rosebud Salve. It has replaced Carmex for me. I also like a product from Elizabeth Arden which is called Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup. It is a very light and sheer foundation. I have decent skin from far away but up close I have all sorts of little marks from squeezing zits and this just evens it all out without making me look like I have on makeup.

Julie L said...

So i have been meaning to respond to this, i love this idea! 1 thing that i dont actually own but i want to is the Bare Minerals nighttime powder. im not sure of the exact name. and it seems strange that they make makeup to sleep in, is this for Reality TV stars or do some women really primp for bed for their hubbys?? anywho, a friend has it and uses it as daytime makeup and it alwys looks great. sheer but it evens out. it is $60 so not exactly cheap. another thing i dont have and have no reports on but for 7 bucks its worth trying anyway is Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soothers - lip color with SPF 20, the pix (in US mag this week) looks so summery and feminine looking. So i cant vouge 100% on either of these items but they both look good to me!
Oh, and I do love my laura mercier tinted moisturizer. And when need more coverage or when dressing up Bobbi Brown liquid foundation.