Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Warning of purse snatchers in Wegmans, BJs etc

I rec'd this email - everyone should just be careful while shopping. I will never again load the kids and then return the cart...too many freaks out there.

I'm passing along a letter my girlfriend Melanie sent out in reference to her purse being stolen from BJs in Ocean Twp (NJ) last Thursday (6/12/08). I know some of you don't live in Jersey , but apparently this is the new thing (read her story). I know Melanie mentions not taking your purse into stores, but I'd be more afraid of leaving it in the car. I'm as guilty as the next person with putting the kids and my purse in the running car, putting the groceries in and then walking away to return the cart. Well, no more of that. This happened on Thursday and then again on Friday morning at Wegmans (also Ocean Twp). It's not just in Ocean, it's all over. Brian has said that Neptune 's had a couple of those incidences at the Quick Check and I've read it a few time lately in the paper. One thing I know for sure, I'll never go shopping at night alone again, unless it's an emergency. Or, I'll go to Shop Rite in Neptune and have the officer working (one there every night) walk me out. Please pass this info on to others, especially women. Stay safe and WATCH YOUR EVERY MOVE. These assholes obviously aren't just looking to rob or kill someone at night anymore. Now, broad daylight, people around and these braising ass' will do anything for a few bucks. Oh, and Melanie's guy only got $4. She hadn't gone to the bank yet that day. All that for $4. Thank God it was only the car window and her purse and not her. If you don't feel comfortable leaving a store, go back in and ask someone to come outside with you. Just PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Last week, at 2:30 in the afternoon, on a sunny day, my car window was smashed and my purse was stolen from my car. The short version is this: a man approached me as I was loading my items into the passenger seat of my car and asked if he could have my cart. I said yes of course, who wants to push that thing back to the corral. He then told me that I my receipt had blown away and that someone had it at the front door (perfectly rational as I was at BJs in Ocean Twp. and they have the "doorman"). As I rounded my car to get my keys, he followed me. I reached in, grabbed my keys and walked back inside. As I turned around, I saw him walking (yes WALKING!) away with my purse and my passenger window smashed. The police came and in hindsight, although it totally sucks to make the calls and do the running around it takes to replace the necessities in my bag (drivers license, bank accounts, etc.) I did the right thing - got away. This guy thought nothing of smashing in my window in the middle of the day, would he have thought twice about smashing my head in? I'll never know. But here is the thing - NO ONE in the parking lot - and there were a solid 15 - did anything to attempt to stop or catch him. No one yelled or called 911. This man walked over to a waiting car and no one got the license plate number. And I have since found out that similiar incidents have been happening at other stores in the area. They are watching woman walk to their cars, and as they are loading the packages into the car, are either stealing their handbags out of the shopping carts or open car doors/windows. Here is my advice - DO NOT take your purse or bag into the store - if at all possible, slip your credit card or cash into your pocket - either stash your purse in the car BEFORE you get to the store or leave it in your trunk - remember that they are watching people - so don't put it there when you are in the parking lot. Keep your keys and cell phone in your pocket. And keep your eyes out for each other - don't try to physically assist someone - but get out that cell phone - and we all have them - call 911, push the panic button on your car alarm and yell.

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