Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yoga... and booger-sucking

Where is the new yoga studio in Avon? I go to Brielle Sports Club and although I like the gym, they do not have a great yoga class schedule. I'm looking for a good place for myself... it would be a perk if they had baby classes too so Maddux could come! Also, any suggestions on classes or playgroups for infants??

On a different note, does anyone have suggestions for using the nasal aspirator. Maddux is so congested and is having trouble eating... using that thing is so awful though. Any hints?


Julie L said...

Hi - the nasal aspirator isnt as scary as it looks. do it either after a bath or use the saline drops and then if he fights it you need another person to hold his arms at first. But i highly recommend you keep using so he gets used to it. Chloe is a champ with it because we used it a lot...christian is getting there slowly. Do it like a bandaid, fast! and humidifiers help as well seperately.
Om Baby Studio in Point has a great baby yoga class that is fun for both mom and babe...
i dont know exactly where the avon studio is, tara?

Michelle Moran said...

The Atlantic Club has a mommy & me yoga. I took Carole there and we loved it. I think you can go till they are 8 months (crawling).

Never used the aspirator, I am terrified of it.