Saturday, January 12, 2008

Loving the new scene picture!

could someone organize a housewifes convention in bora bora?


Julie L said...

When people say "i couldnt take the flight" they have never been there! worth every hour...not with kids, i'm not insane. but this was our honeymoon. i'm sure Fiji is similar, right? i think people should have "stay at an over the water cabana" on their life lists. Or as the new movie calls it "Bucket list"

tara said...

I agree 110%! We did the same for our honeymoon! We went to Moorea and Huahine! I don't remember the flight being so bad! Fiji is similar in the relaxation factor but the topography in Tahiti is just so amamzing! I think it would be hard to surpass the beauty of Tahiti!