Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Magic Bullet

OK, get your minds out of the gutter. I recently bought the Magic Bullet BLENDER from Costco and I think everyone needs one. I have always been curious about it and I'll admit i've been mesmorized by the commercial and watched the whole thing a few times. But I was talking to my step-brothers girl friend and she has one and said it is as good as they say. So I bought it and it really is! I cracked 2 eggs right into the little cup and threw in some milk and broccoli and whipped it up and then threw it into a pan and made an omellete. Then i threw in fresh fruit, ice, wheatgerm and broccoli and made a smoothie. It is ridiculously fast and easy. And it takes up no space, you can leave it out on the counter. I have space issues so trust me. I have a real blender, mini chop cuisinart, hand stick blender...but this is my fave by far. And it comes with a juicer which I havent yet tried. And the cookbook that comes with has all sorts of other ideas that I have yet to try...anyway, next time you're at Costco check it out! The price is the same as the website and the commercial. when they tell you its two for one, it really isnt. costco is 49.99. is two for one at 99.99.


megan o said...

My mom got this thing for Christmas and she loves it too. I must tell you that I am still a little stunned by the broccoli wheatgerm fruit smoothie. Is that good? I am sorry to say that it doesn't sound so tasty :o)

Julie L said...

I dont drink them, Chloe does but they just take like the fruit. The fruit overpowers the veg and the wheatgerm doesnt taste like anything. So, they are pretty tasty!

megan o said...

That is so sneaky and clever. I love it.